Gasket assembling equipment – MTV Battistella – Meccanica Tessile Veneta

Gasket assembling equipment

No. 1 gasket assembling part rigid MIS hats

No. 1 gasket assembling equipment MIS crowned

No. 1 mantle rectifications MIS travelling drums and cylinder doffer

No. 2 rectifications for MIS -GRAF travelling cylinder gasket

No. 1 cylinder with elastic gasket for brush gaskets

No. 1 ATZECC rectification Platt with travelling trolley on sharpened rails

No. 1 bench with rectification with travelling cylinder for briseur rectification

No. 1 machine for dismantling MIS hats

No. 1 cutter for metal surfaces wtih straight head and MIS reverse

No. 1 cutter for head surfaces with automatic BIRKETT CUTMASTER double head

No. 1 plating machine with MIS mechanical trolley

No. 1 hat plating machine with grip and upper thrust pistons of the pneumatic hat, with trolley to curve the pneumatic BIRKETT CUTMASTER plates

No. 1 rectification for HONNEGIER hat gaskets, no. 4 hats at a time, with transpose grinding cylinder.

No. 1 machine to brush gaskets on hats at ½ series each time, with manual MIS clamping.