HDB Single Doffer Carding Machine – Second Hand Nonwoven

HDB Single Doffer Carding Machine

Carda HDB doppio pettinatore

Full Description

HDB single doffer carding machine of the year 1985 in working width of 2500 [mm].
The machine is configured as follows:

– HDB hopper feeder 2500 [mm] wide;
– first drum of diameter 1200 [mm] with four carding groups;
– second drum of diameter 1500 [mm] with four carding groups;
– doffer of diameter 1000 [mm]
– comb with exit tape

The original structure is of a double doffer machine which ensures the possibility to connect a second upper doffer, however not present at the moment.
The machine can process recycled or virgin fibers of cotton, wool, polyester or polypropylene.
Production capacity up to 250 [kg/h] in accordance with the required working conditions.
Machine equipped with cables and control panel.