Crosslapper Autefa Crossliner CL4000 – Second Hand Nonwoven

Crosslapper Autefa Crossliner CL4000

AUTEFA Crossliner CL4000

Full Description

Autefa crosslapper, model Crossliner CL 4000 of the year 1997. The Autefa crosslapper is an efficient machine with a compensation system for weight control. It is designed with a versatile opening system for easy cleaning.

Usable entry width: 3000 [mm]
Usable exit width: 7000 [mm]
Maximum working speed: 120 [m/min]

Control panel refurbished by Autefa in 2015 with new PLC, motors and drivers.
New set of carbon fiber belts.
The machine is suitable for use with PP and PES/PEL fibres.