The IME3 fiber blending line has been designed and developed to meet the latest needs of fiber preparation in the production of nonwoven materials.
The system is composed of bale openers of the CA or CA-S series and allows to prepare complex mixtures continuously and instantaneously.

The process is done through the opening of the fibers and their dosage, which takes place thanks to the use of the innovative electronic weighing system SYS5000, with load cells on basket-scales. The system reads every working parameter of the machines in real time and processes them through a correction code. This step leads to the creation of a new configuration that aims to reduce each machine error and ensures a high level of precision (±1%) with high production capacities.

The IME3 blending line can control from 2 to 5 bale openers, which unload inside a conveyor belt of our NA series. The material can then be conveyed inside a horizontal opener of our SSO series, or at the entrance of a fan for its movement within the line.

  • MTV Battistella Caricatori - Bale Openers
  • Nonwoven Blending Line - Bale Openers - Caricatori - MTV Battistella
  • Nonwoven Blending Line - Bale Openers - Caricatori - MTV Battistella



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